Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leap and The Net Will Appear

Although "Leap and the net will appear" is sometimes attributed to an unknown Zen source, it is, in fact, a quote by American naturalist John Burroughs. But where it comes from isn't important. It reminds me that risk is the foundation of leadership and innovation. The quote is a scrolling screensaver on my computer as a daily reminder.

In Zen Leadership, I have some unusual takes on leadership and strategy, and while I knew some of my posts would create some controversy, by and large the response has been positive. I went out on a limb with the following posts on strategy, as each goes contrary to prevailing wisdom about vision, goal-setting and other mainstays of strategic planning methodology (which, by the way IS a flawed concept):

My views on leadership, which emphasize the importance of humanity, vulnerability and humility, is also a bit different. For a better understanding, read:

For a different take on the “inside job” of developing leadership skills, take a look at:

Three Essentials of Leadership:

This blog is a key example of taking a “leap and the net will appear.” When I began writing two years ago, I only had a general idea of what I wanted to talk about, namely: simplicity, clarity, focus, and maintaining a “beginner’s mind.”

I almost didn’t start because I only had ideas – ideas, not even content – for a few posts and ran into a lot of writer’s block along the way. What I found was, as long as I tried to be consistent, over time the material for posts began to take shape naturally. I didn’t need to plan or figure it out. The net just appeared.


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